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Now imagine, if you will, “The Misty Mountains" song from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with every individual syllable replaced with “Gold!”

Discworld joeks

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Some of Ankh Morpork’s finest. I’m re-reading Thud! so there you are.

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Oh god you guys I forgot about the froyo man.

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I appreciate the messages I’ve gotten, and I’m sorry to do this, but it’s not really my place to give out names — even if it’s just a Tumblr handle. 
This is not really my fight. I’m perhaps the least affected party who might be tangentially related. Unless I got permission from other people concerned, I would not feel comfortable making that decision. 
I of course would be happy to spread the word if this person were a sexual abuser or were otherwise a much more terrible human, but I’m not 100% sure that impulse applies here.
I understand where you’re coming from and I appreciate it. If anything changes I’d be happy to change my stance, so you might end up getting a message from me. Thanks for understand. <3

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quick warmup doodle 
man my hands are shaky ;~;

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Oh yeah. I have 101 followers now, too. I said I would make a hat for my snake (and I will) it’s just that my last few interactions with her have involved attempted bitings and/or nearly escaping being shat all over, so I’m giving her a while to just chill and eat mice and stuff. 

woo. Thanks, 101 followers. I’m glad you like me or something. Have a lovely, lovely rest of your week ~

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Like I wanna be done with it but I’m also oddly frustrated by the number of my friends who follow on Tumblr the person who made one of our mutual friend’s life shit through multiple forms of abuse as well as generalized bad person shittiness. I’m not sure if that’s reasonable? Does following someone on Tumblr and reblogging their perfectly reasonable social justice or art posts mean you support them as a person?
Part of me wants to forgive and forget, too, but also this is the first time I’ve ever been able to hold a grudge and I’m kind of okay with it. The person was awful and has posted literal but somewhat vague threats to my safety on their blog, so. 

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